Tobacco deliveries continue to increase as prices remain firm

By Online Desk |  2 months ago | business

The volume of flue-cured tobacco being delivered to the floors continues to increase as prices remain firm.

By day four of the opening of the 2023 marketing season, farmers had sold about 700 000 kilograms of tobacco worth 6,9 million US dollars with contract floors offering prices above 5 US dollars per kg.

Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) seasonal sales statistics show that 451 000 kgs of the golden leaf was sold through the auction floors while the remainder is from contract buyers.

Contract floors have also offered the highest price of 5,50 US dollars per kg, while the highest price at the auction floors is 4,95 us dollars per kg.

Last year the golden leaf injected about 650 million us dollars into the economy.