Proposed US$ 50 cellphone levy, retrogressive

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The proposed 50 us dollars cellphone levy, which will be collected prior to the registration of new cellular handsets by mobile network providers has come under fire from legislators saying it is retrogressive. In his opening remarks during a Parliamentary post-budget seminar in Harare on Monday, Senator Mike Nyambuya who was co-chairing the meeting described the proposed levy as 'bad tax' which will see the exclusion of many people from ICT platforms

Senator chief Charumbira weighed in saying Finance and Economic Development Minister Mthuli Ncube should have used the pre-budget seminar in Victoria Falls three weeks ago, to get the views of legislators on the levy.

Meanwhile, Norton member of parliament Themba Mliswa called on legislators to reject the budget, if the levy on cellular handsets is not removed and if the Health ministry is not allocated 15 percent of the budget in line with the Abuja declaration.