President receives 1000 medicinal oxygen gas cylinders.

Precious Nyakudya |  1 year ago | top

President Mnangagwa says 1000 medicinal oxygen gas cylinders donated by Mutare-based Verify Engineering Company, will go a long way in the fight against Covid-19.

Officiating while receiving the donation at State House in Harare today, the President further handed over the cylinders to the Ministry of Health and Child Care for distribution to hospitals throughout the country.

Verify Engineering which is producing high quality medical oxygen of a minimum of 99.5% purity said it has capacity to satisfy Zimbabwe’s monthly oxygen demand in 10 days with the rest of the production going towards exports.

Verify Engineering which is co-sited at old Feruka Works in Manicaland province, is part of the Second Republic’s drive towards import substitution especially on health matters. Currently the company is setting up distribution infrastructure countrywide in a bid to reach every local health institution.

The company which also produces nitrogen employs over 100 workers and expects to employ more as it aims to become a major producer of various gas products.