Suicide attempts on the rise-Byo

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Health experts in Bulawayo have raised concern over the increase in para-suicide cases.


Para-suicide is described as an act of deliberate self-harm, either by injury, ingestion or inhalation without resulting in death.

Mpilo Hospital acting chief executive officer, Professor Solwayo Ngwenya said in the past five months, parasuicide cases had gone up by 50 percent. 

Local psychologist Jacqueline Nkomo said, Covid-19 after effects could be fueling suicide attempts, as the pandemic left thousands of people prone to depression. 

Meanwhile, Bulawayo Provincial Police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube, urged people to open up about anything good or bad in the family circle, and do activities that help bond the weak social fabric.

This comes as official numbers of people ingesting pesticides, or overdosing on prescription drugs, show a 50 percent increase from 2021.