18 judges appointed to Electoral Court

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Eighteen judges of the High Court have been named by Chief Justice Luke Malaba to constitute the Electoral Court that will operate from the 1st of March to August the 30th this year in terms of the Electoral Act.

According to the Electoral Act, the Electoral Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear appeals, applications and petitions in terms of the Electoral Act; to review any decision of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission or anyone else made under the act; and shall have power to give such judgments, orders and directions in those matters as might be given by the high court. but the electoral court cannot try any criminal case.

Under the Electoral Act, the Chief Justice consults the Judicial Service Commission and the Judge President of the High Court and then appoints at least two judges of the High Court to be judges of the Electoral Court for such a period as the Chief Justice specifies.

The Electoral Court’s jurisdiction may be exercised by a judge of the Electoral Court sitting alone or with one or more assessors.