Pursue nations’ interests President tell ambassador – designates

Fungi Kwaramba Political Editor |  1 year ago | top

ZIMBABWE stands solidly behind Mozambique as it battles terrorists in its northern parts of the country while the Second Republic will globally pursue policies that advance its national interests, President Mnangagwa said.

Speaking after swearing-in the country’s Ambassador designates to Mozambique Cde Victor Matemadanda and the United Nations Ambassador Albert Chimbindi at the State House, the President articulated the country’s foreign policy.

“As far as Zimbabwe is concerned, under the current economic environment we are living in, over two decades of sanctions imposed by the big boys (Western nations) Zimbabwe is surviving on the bases of three issues; attending to our own domestic resources to survive, secondly, the support we receive in our own region as SADC, both at the economic and political level and thirdly under the auspices of the AU.

“Beyond that, we have other countries at the United Nations that have not imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe so we continue to relate to them, so on matters of development my Ambassador should not think that the G7 will ever think about promoting Zimbabwe, he must realise that our survival is based on our own resources, support in SADC, support by AU and bilateral relations with other countries,” the President said in reference to Ambassador Chimbindi who will be heading to the UN New York.

On the deployment of Cde Matemadanda to Mozambique, President Mnangagwa said the two nations are sister Republic that will stand shoulder to shoulder against any adversity.

“We are brothers and sisters, our independence came on the basis of the sanctuary which we received from Mozambique, an attack on Mozambique is an attack on us however because of two decades of sanctions our capacity to assist Mozambique in the fight against aggression is now limited as a result of the two decades of sanctions but he must assure our brothers and sisters in Mozambique stands solidly with Mozambique on the challenges they are facing,” he said.

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