Law to govern private transport operators almost complete

Online Desk |  7 months ago | top

The Attorney General's Office is finalising the Statutory Instrument that will guide the operations of private transport players, with the Bulawayo kombi system set to be nationalised. 

All kombi operators will need to form associations before they are allowed to operate as public service providers, in line with the new Government Public Transport Policy guidelines. 

In an interview, Local Government and Public Works Minister, July Moyo said the legal instrument being crafted will decisively deal with chaos in the public transport sector adding that the associations will provide some sort of control. 

Bulawayo has three recognised associations as part of its public transport policy: Tshova Mubaiwa , Bulawayo Public Transporters Association and Bulawayo City Transit Association, a model that has been largely hailed and credited for promoting order in the city's public transportation over the years. Meanwhile, Minister Moyo said the new statutory instrument will designate bus stops and bus termini, which will be adhered to by all those who will be given routes. 

Operators will be expected to display their timetables and announce their fares on each route.