Labour to bring no confidence vote if Johnson not ousted immediately

Online desk |  1 year ago | international

Labour's deputy leader Angela Rayner has said the party will bring a vote of no confidence forward before the House of Commons before summer recess unless the Conservative party forces Boris Johnson out immediately.

She says it is "totally unacceptable" that Johnson will remain in office until a new party leader is chosen by autumn, adding that he has been "proven as a liar" who was "engulfed in sleaze".

Speaking to BBC Breakfast, she said: "Our whips will look at the order paper, speak to the clerks and we'll put a motion of no confidence forward."

Rayner also suggested that Johnson was staying on because he wants "a party at Chequers for his wedding".

When asked who should take over as caretaker PM, she said that was for the Tories to decide but that it should be "somebody that's not a lying cheat who has let down his party and let down the public".