Takeoff cause of death revealed

Leona Chodokufa |  1 year ago | Entertainment

One day after Migos rapper Takeoff was killed his cause of death has been confirmed according to the Harris County coroner’s report obtained by renews.

Takeoff died from quote penetrating gunshot wounds of the head and torso into the arm. Authorities said that, the 28-year-old was fatally wounded after an argument broke out at the end of a private party at 810 billiards bowling in Houston November 1st.

Takeoff’s uncle and Migos bandmate Quavo was also present at the party.

Police arrived and found Takeoff dead, outside the entrance to the bowling alley and have confirmed at least two different firearms were used in the shooting.

During a press conference on November 1st, Houston police chief Troy Finner spoke about the immense amount of grief following Takeoff’s death.

“I got many calls from Houston and outside of house and everyone spoke of what a great young man he was, how peaceful he is what a great artist,”.

“I’m calling up on everybody in Houston and around the nation we got a police officer self-fitter also encouraged anyone who has information or was present at the time of the shooting to come forward.

“40 people at least at this event people left possibly out of fear I ask you one thing and I want this to resonate with everybody what if it was your brother, what if it’s your son want somebody to step up.

“Please step up get the information to us so we can bring some closure to this family,” he said. Multiple celebrities paid tribute to Takeoff on social media following his passing and the late rapper’s attorney told a news in a statement said that take off was not only a brilliant musical artist with unlimited talent but also a uniquely kind and gentle soul.

“He will be greatly missed now and always.”