The Crown Season 5 set for release

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"The Crown" is back for Season 5, but the world isn't the same.

Netflix's drama about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II has always been a high-interest show for the streamer, but its fifth season is the first to stream since Elizabeth died Sept. 8 at the age of 96

The series is still 30 years away from the Queen's death in the timeline, with new episodes reaching the 1990s and featuring new actors playing the royals. Whether you've loved the drama for four seasons or are newly interested, we rounded up everything to know about "The Crown" Season 5. 

In the upcoming season of the hit Netflix series "The Crown," Queen Elizabeth II is portrayed by Imelda Staunton.

When is the release date for 'The Crown' Season 5?

Netflix will stream all 10 episodes of the new season of "The Crown" on Wednesday, Nov. 9. It comes nearly two years after Season 4 debuted in fall of 2020 (and went on to win 11 Emmys).  

Dominic West as Prince Charles and Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana in "The Crown."

What period of history does 'The Crown' Season 5 cover?

The new episodes cover a period in the early 1990s, during which Princess Diana and Prince Charles separate and eventually divorce, a fire burns at Windsor Castle, two of Elizabeth's other children divorce, Prince William starts at Eton, and John Major and Tony Blair are successive prime ministers of the United Kingdom, among other historical events. 

'The Crown' Season 4 fact check:Historian explains what really happened with Charles and Diana

Back row - Senan West as William, Will Powell as Harry, Dominic West as Charles, Elizabeth Debicki as Diana, Theo Fraser Steele as Timothy Laurence, Claudia Harrison as Anne, Sam Woolf as Edward and James Murray as Andrew.

Front row - Marcia Warren as the Queen Mother, Imelda Staunton as Elizabeth, Jonathan Pryce as Phillip and Lesley Manville as Margaret.

Who is playing Princess Diana, Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II and the other royals in 'The Crown' Season 5?

For the second time the entire cast of "Crown" has been replaced as the series jumps ahead in time and the characters age. Imelda Staunton (of the "Harry Potter" films) takes on the role of Elizabeth this year, with Jonathan Pryce as her husband Prince Phillip. "The Affair" actor Dominic West is the new Prince Charles and Elizabeth Debicki ("Tenet") is the new Princess Diana. Also recast are Camilla Parker-Bowles (Olivia Williams) and Princess Margaret (Lesley Manville). 

The series also introduces new characters, including young actors playing preteen Prince William (Senan West) and Prince Harry (Will Powell), as well as Dodi Fayed and his father Mohammed (Khalid Abdalla and Salim Dau). Dodi Fayed was an eventual romantic partner of Diana's and died in the same car crash in 1997. 

Jonny Lee Miller as John Major in The Crown Season 5 of The Crown

Why are people in the U.K. upset about 'The Crown' Season 5?

Before it has even debuted, the new season has created backlash in the U.K. The reported contents of the new season are being criticized for historical inaccuracy, including by some of the figures themselves depicted. 

Major, portrayed by Johnny Lee Miller in the show, called a scene in the first episode a "load of malicious nonsense" because of reports it depicts Charles lobbying Major to help him oust the Queen (the episodes are not yet available to Major or the general public).

Judi Dench also has spoken out against the series in a letter to British newspaper The Times, worrying that viewers will take the fictionalized drama as historical fact. “This is both cruelly unjust to the individuals and damaging to the institution they represent," Dench, who received a Damehood from the monarchy in 1988, wrote in her letter. She is among other critics who want Netflix to add a disclaimer to the episodes reiterating that the series is fictional. The streamer, however, has declined to do so. 

Elizabeth Debicki plays Princess Diana in Season 5 of the "The Crown," and wears a replica of the dress dubbed Diana's "Revenge Dress."

Will Princess Diana's 'Revenge Dress' feature in 'The Crown' Season 5?

You betcha. The black, off-the-shoulder cocktail dress Diana wore in 1994 after Charles gave an interview that revealed he had been unfaithful to her quickly became known in the press and zeitgeist as her "Revenge Dress," because of its (at the time) daring cut and style. Netflix has already released a photo of Debicki in a replica of the original dress, which was designed by Christina Stambolian. 

Diana wore a short, fitted black Christina Stambolian frock that she picked up earlier that day for the annual Serpentine Gallery summer party in 1994. It became known as the "Revenge Dress," and distracted attention from the interview Prince Charles would give about his affair the same day. "You can't fault her, her black legs showing looked fantastic," says Etherington-Smith, who noted the short dress was chosen deliberately.

How many seasons will 'The Crown' have?

Creator Peter Morgan has said that the series will end after a sixth season, which will cover Princess Diana's death and the aftermath. Fans hoping the series will get into modern events surrounding the royal family, including the weddings of Princes William and Harry, will likely be disappointed.