Ammara Brown on a journey to transform her life

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Multi-award winning songstress Ammara Brown says she in on a journey to transform her life and the decision has led her to change her usual afro-textured hairstyle.

The Tichichema song maker took to social media to share with her thousands followers on the new changes happening in her life.

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.

“I looked in the mirror and thought, “Wow, who is she? I have been experiencing a lot of transformation as a person. Getting rid of all the dead weight, baggage, shedding old skin and simply following my true joy.

Ammara who turned 33 last Monday added that she was skeptical about changing the hairstyle as she was scared her fans will not like the new look.

“Of course a tiny voice asked, “Will they still love me if my fro isn’t big anymore?” Then I remembered: “God designed me!”

“You see my hair was splitting badly after an unmonitored trim so this chop was scary!! However, my hair looks super healthy and I feel “lighter”.

Last month Ammara revealed that she is on working on new music.

“I’ve been keeping secrets from you musically speaking.

“The new songs are stacked and sounding lovely in all the studios but a few years ago I learned that my plan and Gods plan should align. So while the chaos and uncertainty in the world seems to double every day, I am trusting that everything with fall into place at exactly the right moment”

She added that she is producing music that will las for years.

“Because I want to give you music that will touch you for the next decade and then some as know I believe in quality over quantity always.

“Also I do legendary not temporary to the Ammartians that stay supportive.”